Wait Until Dark by Frederick Knott

Wait Until Dark 《盲女驚魂記》is one of those rare experiences in the theatre, a true thriller that has the potential to make you jump out of your seat. Written for the Broadway stage in 1966 by Dial “M” for Murder scribe Frederick Knott and turned into a film starring Audrey Hepburn in 1967, Wait Until Dark still has the power to horrify us.

Woven with secret identities, a seedy drug smuggling ring, murder, and the cruel cat-and-mouse game between a blind woman and the trio of criminals who stalk her, this play possesses a white-knuckle suspense that rivals any chapter of the Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity, or Insidious film franchises.

Wait Until Dark 《盲女驚魂記》Susy 的老公Sam 在機場受託保管一個娃娃,旅客一去不返,卻招來了三個罪犯 Mike, Carlino, Roat到家裡,試圖用偷拐搶騙的方式讓盲女susy 交出娃娃;連鄰居小女孩Gloria都覬覦的娃娃,有著甚麼樣秘密? 隨著屍體的出現,到底誰的手沾染著血腥?

Wait Until Dark《盲女驚魂記》是由劇作家 Frederick Knott 在1964年所寫的劇本, 1966年在紐約百老匯搬演,劇中其一角色- Rota由大名鼎鼎的演員勞勃·杜瓦(Robert Duvall)主演。 隔年拍成電影,由經典女星奧黛麗·赫本主演女主角盲女 Susy。

“Absolutely chilling…” –Chicago Daily Herald

“The fact that you are watching real people in real time adds immediacy to the danger …pure suspense.”–Arizona Republic


“The goosepimply climax…what a gripping finish.”–LA Times