Sylvia by A.R. Gurney

Since its opening on Broadway in 1995, SYLVIA has become one of the most popular and frequently produced adult comedies in contemporary theatre.
自1995年在百老匯首演以來,Sylvia 已成為一齣經常被各劇場搬演製作的成人喜劇。

Greg brings home from the park a stray dog named Sylvia (played on Broadway by Sarah Jessica Parker). Sylvia immediately establishes herself as Greg ’s constant companion. A dog is just what middle-aged Greg seems to need at this stage in his life. His wife Kate, on the other hand, quickly recognizes Sylvia as a rival for Greg’ s affections, time, and a threat to their marriage.


“I can only call it one of the most involving, beautiful, funny, touching and profound plays I have ever seen…” ~ New York Daily News ~

“這是我看過,最美麗、好笑、感人又深刻的演出”~ 紐約每日新聞 ~

Dramatic literature is stuffed with memorable love scenes. But none is as immediately delicious and dizzy as the one that begins the redeeming affair in A. R. Gurney’s new comedy.~ The New York Times ~

“戲劇文學中滿是各式刻骨銘心的感情戲,但在拯救關係這一類的情節中,還沒有像A. R. Gurney的新喜劇如此令人絕倒的。”~ 紐約時報 ~