Derek Kwan 關顯揚

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Derek is a performer and administrator. He has a breadth of experience as both a producer and an administrator. Prior to coming to Taipei, he was an administrator at Tapestry Opera, Toronto, specializing in marketing and development with Canada’s only company dedicated to developing and performing new Canadian opera. He was an Associate Producer at Cahoots Theatre Company, in Toronto, Canada, where he was the recipient of a prestigious Metcalf Foundation Internship Grant. Derek was also Director of Marketing and Development at fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company. For more information, visit:

來自多倫多的關顯揚,是一名藝術表演者,同時具備豐富的製作與行政的經驗。 來台前他在Tapestry Opera負責行政工作,處理行銷與發展事務,Tapestry Opera是加拿大唯一還堅持推出原創歌劇的劇團。關顯揚也曾經在Cahoots Theatre Company擔任過副製作人,因此獲得Metcalf Foundation Internship Grant之推崇。他還擔任過fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company行銷與發展部的主管。詳細資料請參考。