A Perfect Ganesh by Terrence Mcnally

A Perfect Ganesh有求必應》is a play written (a finalist for the Pulitzer prize) by Terrence Mcnally in 1993. The play follows the lives of two wealthy, middle-aged women, Margaret Civil and Katherine Brynne, who struggle with the concept of inner peace when they travel to India, where they meet the Hindu God, Ganesha, the remover and creator of obstacles.

《A Perfect Ganesh有求必應》一劇為作者Terrence McNally在1993年所寫,劇本曾於1994年入圍普利茲戲劇獎決賽;此劇描述兩名家境富裕的中年婦人—瑪格麗特(Margaret Civil)與凱薩琳(Katherine Brynne)的一次旅行;兩人結伴在印度之旅中尋求內心平靜,卻在旅程中遇到了,在印度教中被視為排除障礙之神的象神,來當她們的導遊…。

The theme of A Perfect Ganesh is the interconnectedness of humans to each other and to the rest of the world, and how we can often be blind to the lives and environments of even those closest to us.




“An insightful and creative blend of comedy and drama with many enchanting characters, and a captivating plot filled with humor, warmth and a host of surprise twists and turns…”~Variety~


“While the theatre is a spiritual place that helps to enlighten our path through life, some plays do this more than others. A Perfect Ganesh is a good example….”~LA weekly~

“即便劇場本身就是一個有助於啓發人生道路的靈性之地,某些劇本還是會成就的比其他劇本更多,《A Perfect Ganesh有求必應》便是一例……”~洛杉磯週報~