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  • 星期五Fri | 11/18/2016 to 星期日Sun | 12/04/2016
  • 20:00
  • 實演場 台北市北投路一段9號3樓 The LAB Space 3rd Fl, Sec. 1, Beitou Rd, Beitou District, Taipei
  • 02-28985382

The LAB Space (實演場) and Butterfly Effect Theatre (蝴蝶效應劇團) are proud to announce their production of “The Bomb-itty of Errors”, the ingenious hip-hop ad-RAP-tation of Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors”. Mistaken identities abound when two sets of identical twins who were split up since birth end up in the same city. It is refreshingly current but retains the integrity of Shakespeare’s original language with four actors and a live DJ on stage. Bomb-itty was one of the originators of the format and paved the way for hit hip-hop musicals like Hamilton. Part farce, part parody, a bit of a musical, all hilarity, this modern melding of Shakespeare and rap is as fresh as it gets!

實演場與蝴蝶效應劇團很榮幸為你帶來《The Bomb-itty of Errors 錯中錯,哈ㄉ!》,莎士比亞《錯中錯》的嘻哈ad-RAP-tation。兩對雙胞胎從小被分開在不同城市長大,當他們都出現在同一個城市裡,所有角色開始錯亂。這齣充滿著現代滋味的戲有四位演員與一名DJ在舞台上,仍然保留莎士比亞之廉政。他們帶給音樂劇市場一股新潮,也讓位給許多流行嘻哈音樂劇,如《Hamilton》。嬉鬧劇、戲劇、音樂劇、笑劇,沒有比這現代嘻哈版莎士比亞更爽快的了。

Performed in English with Chinese subtitles 英文發音,中文字幕
Approximately 90 minutes long 此演出時間約90分鐘

The LAB Space Presents
A Butterfly Effect Theatre Co. Production:
實演場為您帶來 一齣由蝴蝶效應製作:


By Jordan Allen-Dutton, Jason Catalano, Gregory J. Qaiyum, and Erik Weiner

November 18-20, 25-27, December 2-4 8pm
11/18-20、11/25-27、12/2-12/4 晚上八點
The LAB Space 實演場

Starring: Meg Anderson, Steve Coetzee, Airy 小女伶, and Charlie Storrar
Director: Brook Hall
Set Designer: Joseph Lark-Riley
Costume Designer: Jenna Robinette

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Synopsis 劇情
Two sets of identical twins are split up and given up for adoption. Now grown up, MCs Antipholus and Dromio of Syracuse end up in the city of Ephesus, where, unbeknownst to them, their twins live. As the confusion and hilarity escalates, more and more characters are brought into the mix including MC Hendelberg (a Hasidic rapper), a wacky cop, a Rastafarian herbal doctor, a Californian bike messenger, and a Sports Nun, all thrown into the tumultuous tides of mistaken identity, betrayal, and love. Irreverent and witty with a hot soundtrack of original beats, Shakespeare’s never sounded so fresh!

兩對雙胞胎各自被領養而分開。在雪城長大的MC Antipholus 與 MC Dromio,有天來到了以弗所,正好他們雙胞胎(兄弟姊妹)就住在這,卻不知情。一連串曲折過程伴隨著離奇搞笑事件,許多旁人也加入攪局,其中包括MC Hendelberg(以為哈西德饒舌家)、古怪的警察、塔法裡教醫師、加州腳踏車信差、與運動行修女,帶給劇情不少角色錯亂、背叛、與愛情。厚臉皮又幽默,最嗨的原創嘻哈,帶給你莎士比亞最夯的一面。

About the Show
Written and originally performed by Jordan Allen-Dutton, Jason Catalano, GQ, and Erik Weiner, the show has been performed in all over the world to rave reviews. It was nominated for Best Lyrics at the Drama Desk Awards, nominated for Outer Critics Circle Awards, and received the Jefferson Award in Chicago and the Grand Jury Prize at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen. The four actors play all the characters (male and female), while a DJ spins the beats live onstage.

“This energetic twist on Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors is a thrill, GRADE: A!” – Entertainment Weekly

“A rap version of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors that pulses with wit, savvy and a sublime sense of its own ridiculousness…You’ll be enchanted.” – The Telegraph

“Bomb-itty is witty, lewd and altogether new. Think ‘The Beastie Boys from Syracuse’.” – The New Yorker

“Bomb-itty of Errors gives the bard’s slapstick farce a Generation-Y rejuvenation…scores very high on sexy-party index…You’re carried along by the energetic tumble of words.” – The Wall Street Journal

“A stroke of genius…the language fizzes with new life, it’s irreverent and yet in tune with Shakespeare’s original, it’s clever and witty and fast.” – The Times

– Nominee! Best Lyrics at the Drama Desk Awards
– Nominee! Outer Critics Circle Awards
– Winner! Jefferson Award in Chicago
– Winner! Grand Jury Prize at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen