2018 Spring LAB Classes


1) MEISNER TECHNIQUE Bootcamp. Three Sundays: 1/28, 2/4, 2/11 (12-4pm each session).

Info and Signup at www.tiny.cc/abmeisner

2) ACTING 101 Bootcamp for beginners (*teens over 14 are also welcome for this class, only.) Three Sundays 3/4, 3/11, 3/18. (12-4pm each session) Info and Signup at www.tiny.cc/ab101

3) DIRECTING CLASS Bootcamp (by popular demand.) Three Saturdays 2/24, 3/3, and 3/10 (10am-6pm (lunch break 1-2pm) each session.)  Info and Signup at www.tiny.cc/directingtw


About Brook Hall (instructor):
Brook Hall is a producer, director and choreographer and casting assistant who has personally chosen over 3000 actors in various projects in Taiwan. His Monday Night Acting Class ran for 2.5 years, consisting of over 120 drop-in classes and was the number one class for international acting training in Taiwan. He is regularly sought out by talent agents, production companies, and casting directors, universities for workshops and training. He has an impressive roster of celebrities he has coached for TV, event, Startup Pitches, and Film performances. Furthermore, he worked as an assistant casting director and producer/director in New York and Austin, USA.

As a film director, he holds the distinction of being the only foreigner to 2nd-unit direct on a Taiwanese full Feature (M-RIDERS FILM Voyage to PanGu). In 2014, he served as First Assistant Director on the small Hollywood feature, STAND. In the US, he worked with Richard Linklater, Jesse Tyler Fergusson, J.K. Simmons, Neil Patrick Harris, Ethan Hawke, Kevin Spacey and more,

In 2015, he created an on-camera audition workshop with the casting department of Martin Scorcese’s SILENCE. He was also a stand-in for Adam Driver. As Artistic Director of the LAB SPACE and Butterfly Effect Theatre Co, he has produced and/or directed over 17 English language productions (press page: www.tiny.cc/bflypress). He has also directed or served as directors’ consultant for many major Taiwanese theatre and production companies.


For more information, contact bfly.efx@gmail.com